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$SUST is a token that is akin to a “social or community token” in the sense that it is created by Cartica for the sole purpose of engaging our community in the generation of social media content for the purpose of raising awareness about sustainability.

We promote education and awareness on sustainability and sustainable living practices by encouraging social media content creation such as videos and blogs.

Collect as many tokens as you can while making an impact through sustainable creative content.

We have minted our NFT Marketplace where you can redeem $SUST to become NFT owners!

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$SUST is a new blockchain-based token that cannot be purchased. 

This token can only be earned by performing acts of good that are aligned to Sustainable living values and vision.

Each token is freely transferable and recorded on the Stellar Public blockchain and will be redeemable against loot such as NFTs and Stellar Lumens (XLM)

With Sustoken.io and our mobile app, you will be able to create your free wallet, receive your unique Public and Private key in addition to sending and receiving tokens and NFT’s to your friends.


$SUST can only be earned from partner organizations that currently support sustainable living.

We’ll be hosting challenges, quizzes and contests where you can earn $SUST. And those earned $SUST can be redeemed for one of a kind digital creation in the form of susNFT on our NFT marketplace.

Maximize your chances of collecting as many tokens as possible by participating in our various contests and engaging with us on social platforms.

Stay tuned on our social media platform to be alerted to different ways to earn Sustokens.


The token will be used by social communities, creators and like-minded sustainable advocates who are also netizens as an incentive to share their sustainable insights and contributions.

The more engagement users have in creating and sharing content on our platform, the more tokens they can earn.

Act as facilitators by encouraging content creators to focus on their content while providing ongoing support.

By working together, we do more for the benefit of all. We strive to make a positive change globally and, with our partners and their creative content, create a new era of sustainable possibilities.

Want to Partner with us?

Send us an email on admin@sustoken.io to receive our brochure on collaboration opportunities.


$SUST is a freely transferable social token that is used to promote the spread and awareness of sustainable living practices in the metaverse. $SUST cannot be purchased and can only be earned from sustoken.io by performing “acts of good” that promote sustainable living practices.

These $SUST Tokens cannot be bought. Instead, you must win them. How? Super easy, through acts of good!

The tokens have been developed in the perspective of maximizing awareness on Sustainable Living. Every good action can bring you a certain amount of $SUST Tokens.

Stay tuned on our social media platforms and participate to giveaways and reshare our sustainable content to earn more tokens.

The “acts of good” consist of all actions, either big or small that aim at protecting the planet and encourage sustainable living.

These include, but of course are not limited to, sharing videos of your own acts of good at home with us, sharing sustainable content such as videos and blog posts from our partner websites, engaging actively in our Social Media platforms and communities, and participating in our frequent giveaways.

Become an NFT owner!

These $SUST Tokens are redeemable to earn our very own NFTs. These NFTs, created by a talented artist have been created for the promotion of Sustainable Living.

See our marketplace at susnft.io to see how you can start collecting NFTs and trade with your friends.

$SUST is considered a social token that cannot be purchased. There are no ICOs, and consumers are not asked to spend anything to earn or use them. The similarity of $SUST to crypto-currencies is that it is hosted on the blockchain and is freely transferable almost instantly. $SUST is structurally related to the XLM crypto-currency as it is hosted on the Stellar blockchain.

The amount of energy used to create $SUST is less than that needed to watch a one-minute YouTube video (about 0.00022 kWh versus 0.00092 kWh for VISA or 1,575.83 kWh for Bitcoin). These tokens are not “mined”, but simply “minted” under a Stellar Blockchain proof-of-stake platform.

You can read more about Stellar’s use of electricity and its environmental impact here:


No, you cannot mine $SUST. $SUST are “pre-Minted” and can only be earned originally from sustoken.io

Access your wallet on susnft.io. You can also download our Mobile App on App Store  or Google Play and get your wallet on your mobile phone. Plus, we are offering 250 $SUST Tokens to new members, by registering with the CODE launch2022.

Engage with others by visiting our social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the Discord server!


SUSTOKEN is another socially funded project by Cartica Sustainable Solutions, a global social enterprise.

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